Rigol DS1054 (DS1000) Viewer/Controller

This was originally designed to just mirror a Rigol DS1054 screen over a LAN, but I couldn’t stop myself adding a few features, so you can now:

  • Click on the Timebase box to change the timebase
  • Click on the channel numbers at the bottom to toggle the corresponding channel on/off
  • Click on the channel voltage displays to change the vertical scales
  • Click and drag a trace to move it up/down (in Turbo mode only)
  • Click and drag in the “waveform memory” window at the top centre┬áto move the traces left and right
  • Right-click on the main display to copy an image of the display to the clipboard or to a file
  • Right-click on the main display to turn Turbo mode on or off. With Turbo mode on only waveform data is downloaded and drawn over a screenshot. This can give a faster update rate but will obscure measurement data etc. With Turbo mode off the app simply mirrors the display at 1 FPS.

Here’s a screen capture showing it in use.

With just 1 channel enabled you get about 6 FPS (in Turbo mode) which drops to about 1 FPS with multiple channels. With Turbo mode off the whole screen is refreshed at 1FPS.

On first run it will ask you for the scope’s IP address. Enter it and click Save

The app is packaged as a UWP app and doesn’t require any VISA drivers to be installed.

Here are some links:
Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NPPVW8MWZW6

Source code: https://github.com/ynformatics/DS1000Viewer