Rigol DS1054 (DS1000) Viewer/Controller

This was originally designed to just mirror a Rigol DS1054 screen over a LAN, but I couldn’t stop myself adding a few features, so you can now:

  • Click on the Timebase box to change the timebase
  • Click on the channel numbers at the bottom to toggle the corresponding channel on/off
  • Click on the channel voltage displays to change the vertical scales
  • Click and drag a trace to move it up/down
  • Click and drag in the “waveform memory” window at the top centre to move the traces left and right
  • Right-click on the main display to copy an image of the display to the clipboard or to a file.

Here’s a screen capture showing it in use.

With just 1 channel enabled you get about 6 FPS which drops to about 1 FPS with multiple channels.

On first run it will ask you for the scope’s IP address. Enter it and click Save

The app is packaged as a UWP app and doesn’t require any VISA drivers to be installed.

Here are some links:
Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NPPVW8MWZW6

Source code: https://github.com/ynformatics/DS1000Viewer

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