Low cost GPIB to USB adapter

A simple GPIB to USB adapter using an Arduino Uno. Constructed following: http://egirland.blogspot.com/2014/03/arduino-uno-as-usb-to-gpib-controller.html

A 24-way connector (RS 239-1207) was used for the GBIP connector and wired to the Arduino with two lengths of cat 5 cable as follows:

cable 1 pin mapping
GBIP	Wire	Uno
1	wh/or	A0
2	or/wh	A1
3	wh/bl	A2
4	bl/wh	A3
13	wh/gr	A4
14	gr/wh	A5
GND	wh/br	GND
GND	br/wh	GND

cable 2 pin mapping
GBIP	Wire	Uno
5	wh/gr	12
6	gr/wh	11
7	wh/br	10
8	br/wh	9
9	bl/wh	8
11	wh/bl	7
15	or/wh	4
16	wh/or	5

A 3D printed case was designed in Fusion 360. CAD files available here.

The Uno was programmed with GPIB6.1.ino available from Emanuele’s website.

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