VESA mount for Eakins trinocular stereo microscope

STL file downloaded from:

Printed on a Prusa i3 MK2 in PLA, 0.2 mm resolution, 25% honeycomb infill.

Some instructions and pictures of the conversion.

Hot off the printer. Just needed a tidy and the holes cleaned up with a 10mm drill bit.
Original focusing rack
Remove the Allen head screw
Move the rack until these two screws are visible and remove them. Move the rack the other way and remove the two screws at the other end.
Turn the knob until the insert pops out the top.
Keep turning the knob until the two parts of the assembly separate.
Watch out you don’t lose these small plastic spacers
Unscrew one of the knobs (labelled “tension”) and pull out the other with rod attached.
There are a couple of plastic washers on each side. Don’t lose them.
Press out the plastic bearings from the inside using a small screw driver
And press them into the print. You may need to tidy up the holes with a 10mm drill bit.
Refit the knobs not forgetting the washers
Join the two halves together and feed the plastic insert into the top. Turn the knob until the two plastic spacers are visible and make sure the screw holes line up. You can put the spacers back in at this point if they have fallen out.
Turn the knob until the screw holes in the plastic insert align with those in the body. Then insert and tighten screws. Then do the same at the other end.
Center the rack and insert the end-stop screw.

All done!

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